Monday, February 25, 2008

Camp Hilbert...

The first race of this year for me will be Camp Hilbert down in Goochland. I'm not ready but it will give me a chance to ride and hang out with some friends so its all good..James and Mr. Russell will be joining me for the fun. They will both be doing the enduro class and I'm not sure what I'm going to do, it will be either the SS class or the old guys sport class either way I'll get my ass handed to me. I ran the SS class last year and beat two guys and that was only because they had mechanicals. My only hope to do well is if everyone has a mechanical and I don't die after the first lap. Mark will probably just do the race as if it were a training ride and still do well. James has the experience in enduro and he should do well also. I hope to see a certain person there (James Deaton) . Although he might be cutting his bars down that day..Just a little more cutting and he will be able to use both brake leveres with the same hand.. Just kidding! I hope to see you there..punk

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Night Ride with my Peeps!

Did a night ride last Friday night with Mr. Russell, James and Gene at the Secret ridin spot(shhh) it's a secret. I decided to ride the the bike with the skinnies on because of the mud. I think they did well until the end of the ride when I rolled a tire off the rim because I did'nt put enough air in them . The ride was great as was the company.. I have to say Mark has great patience riding with the not so gifted like myself and he's good at giving the words of encouragement when needed or as a friend of mine said he's good at lying. Either way it helped on some of the climbs. The new section of single track is going to be great once its been riden some more , Mark and myself rode a little longer than James and Gene because as Mark said I got a kitchen pass for the night so I tried to make the most of it. I have to ride more!! Thanks Mark.James and Gene lets do it again soon..

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Old Friend found!

I was going through someone I knows blog to maybe catch some pics from the Superbowl ride this past Sunday and you know how it goes you wind-up blog jumping from one to the next. As I am doing this I see a name I have'nt heard or seen in awhile James Deaton . Well it turns out that this was and is the same James Deaton that I shared a domicile with several times and rode with many many times. The last time I saw Jimmy was about 12 years ago when he came up here to visit and we went to Snowshoe for a quick ride. Jimmy was living in S.C. at the time and I was Harrisonburg, VA. ,Jimmy was married with children I was not. Lets just say our lives were going in different directions and we lost contact with each other. Let me just say Jimmy was an awsome rider then as I am sure he is now. We started riding BMX together and and then one day Jimmy started riding this Mountain bike thing and he invited me to go riding with him ..Long story short (or is it to late for that) I was hooked and me and Jimmy rode alot and raced alot together. The last time I talked with Jimmy he was playing Hockey and he was'nt riding much or at all so I'm glad to see he's riding again. You can try other things but the bike will always be in the blood. Maybe I'll catch up with him at a race this year. I'm sure not as fit as he is anymore but I'll have fun trying to catch him again.