Monday, May 7, 2007


Just raced the 12 hrs of Lodi this past weekend and let me just say I think have caught the bug! We raced as a 3 man team in the begginer class only because none of us knew what we were doing. We originally were going to race the 3 man single speed class but our other partner had to drop out due to work so we picked up our other partner last minute but he was riding gears so we just went for it. I think I can speak for us all we had a blast. The weather was not the best but we dealt with it and somewhere in the night the rain stopped and by morning the sun came out and started drying everything out. We had no expectations of anything but on one of my night laps James and John were waiting for me as I rounded the corner into the start finish and the were telling me that we were up on the second place team by 25 minutes now. This is where we started trying to pick up some more time and maybe put it out of reach for the second place team. It must have worked because by morning we had a full lap and then some on the second place team. I must say this was the most fun I have ever had at a bike race even if we had'nt won it would have been. Yes thats right we put in 11 laps and won the class. I was surprised that we finished and even more so that we won. I know it was only the begginer class but it was just the start ...I think we will be back next year .. The race was very well run and the course was a nlast even in the rain..see ya next year but not as begginers. Watch out Sport,solo,duo or what ever we decide to do ..