Saturday, March 24, 2007

New light tested!!

Just went on a night ride last night and I got to test my new LED light and I thought it was better than I was expecting. James and myself went and rode lookout Mtn. which was my first time and the light performed awsome. This aint no HID but its just as good as a halogen at about a quarter of the price. The trail was awsome it had everything and the rock gardens were a blast. I thought I might have some soreness in my forearms because of riding rigid but I did'nt and I think its because of the 29er wheels. We rolled over everything.. It was just a great test for my new light haveing to pick my way through the rock gardens was easy because of how much I was able to see. If you need an inexpensive light that works great get a cygo hiflux and I don't think you will be disapointed..

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

LED light?

I just got this new LED light from James at Black dog bikes and from looking at it in my backyard last night I think it just might be O.K. .I have been looking for some time now for another light to complement my helmet light and I think I might have found it with this little LED. Its small and rather light and what I like most about it is the long run times and the cost. This unit is a cygo light and it runs off of "C" size batteries that fit into a little pouch .I think this is great because how easy is it to bring along some more batteries. It's supposed to get burn times of about 25 hrs on high and 200 hrs on the low setting. We will see how it performs out on the trail before I sing its praises to much. I'm taking it out Friday night for a little test run and let you know how it did...later

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Celebrity neighbor!!

My neighbor Mark Russell has just landed a Independent Fab sponsership!! He rides it all from cross to mtb to tri's I just wish I could ride with him more maybe some of his skills would rub off on me. Mark is not only a great rider but a strong cycling supporter in our community. He has gotten many things done in our community to further our riding experience and I'm glad he's our club prez.. Congrats again Mark!! you deserve it..